Do you have need for fuel deliveries? Then Western States Oil has you covered. Our fleet delivers all over the Greater Bay Area and will keep you moving. Whether you have a generator that needs topping off, a construction job site, or bulk fuel tanks in your yard Western States Oil is the company to count on.

We deliver full truck and trailer, semi, bobtail, wet hose, and cardlock as distribution.


  • On road/ Off road diesel
  • All grades of gasoline
  • Renewable Diesel
  • Red Dyed Renewable Diesel
  • #2 CARB Diesel
  • Red Dyed #2 CARB Diesel
  • BIO Diesel
  • BIO Diesel with additive


Bulk fuel transport companies, such as Western States Oil, have tankers of all sizes that deliver to private fuel tanks on construction job sites, at farms and various businesses locations, allowing for a private gas station to fuel the fleet. Wet-hosing on-site equipment means the fuel is delivered directly from the transport tanker into the heavy machinery or large storage tanks on private property. Direct fueling to heavy machinery and private storage tanks saves time and money.


  • Fuel inventory control: Wet Hosing greatly reduces the possibility of theft of product.
  • Convenience: Fuel is delivered directly to the fleet and/or machinery in need.
  • Increased productivity: Eliminates the need to stop for fuel during work hours.
  • Environmentally conscious: Reduces insurance and permit concerns associated with on-site fueling tanks.

Western States Oil has the experience, equipment and resources to meet your company’s unique fueling needs. We are a large scale fuel transport company, serving the greater San Francisco Bay Area. We are also a supplier of renewable red dyed diesel which is available for all certif ied off road equipment.


Remote Tank Monitoring is available to customers who can’t take the chance of running out of fuel. Western States Oil can install a monitor on your above ground fuel tank and our dispatch will monitor it’s inventory via the internet and schedule deliveries before it is too late. If you have an underground storage tank we can tie directly into your TLS system to get inventory reports too. This feature takes the worry out of your hands and also guarantees that your company is getting the best fuel price because the gallons delivered are maximized.

Some of the larger municipal fleets in the Bay Area trust Western States Oil to keep them moving, such as:

• The City of San Francisco
• The City of San Jose
• The City of Oakland
• East Bay Regional Parks

To arrange for a fuel delivery please call 800-743-6950, for a quote, please click below:

Remote Tank Monitoring Quote

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