Western States Oil Co. offers a full line of environmentally friendly products including fuel and lubricants. We supply the highest quality of BIO Diesel made from multiple feedstocks and we are the only fuel company that has a yellow grease collection program that converts it into fuel and brings it back into the local community.  

On the fuel side, we are a distributor of Neste My Renewable Diesel. Renewable diesel helps fleets to significantly lower their carbon footprint and increase the performance of your fleet. Our renewable diesel is produced with domestically collected used cooking grease, animal byproducts, and plant oils.  Renewable fuel is ASTM 975 diesel and can be used in unmodified diesel engines. It is a drop-in fuel.  It is a safe biodegradable product that reduces serious air pollutants.  We also have Nesté My Renewable Red Dyed diesel available for off-road equipment.

Our Teagarden location in San Leandro and out S. 10th St station in San Jose are both branded with Nesté My Renewable diesel.  WSO also carries BP/Arco’s ECD-1 Ultra-low sulfur diesel (15ppm) at all of our other commercial fueling cardlocks as well as for fuel delivery.  

For more information on Renewable diesel, please view our Renewable page.

Eco-friendly Lubricants

With the growing awareness and demand to use more environmentally safe products, WSO Stocks Eco Friendly Lubricants by manufacturers such as Phillips 66, Total, Citco and Safety-Kleen.  Some of these products include:

FireBird (Phillips 66) re-refined lubricants

EcoPower and Performance Plus (Safety-Kleen) re-refined lubricants 

BioHydran (Total) produced from vegetable oil, primarily biodegradable and non-toxic 

Powerflow NZ (Phillips 66) – hydraulic oil zinc free, readily biodegradable and non-toxic

Clarion Green Bio (Citgo) –  hydraulic oil zinc free, readily biodegradable and non-toxic

Citgo Hydurance NZ (Citgo) – hydraulic oil zinc free, readily biodegradable and non-toxic


Greentraks® Energy Management Software

Western States Oil is more than just a petroleum distributor; we provide ways for clients to lower their carbon footprint and in turn lower their overall energy costs. Western States Oil is committed to save you on energy costs in a variety of ways.

to help your business succeed even more!