Increasing Fleet Profitablility with a Tire Gage

Every fleet manager knows that diesel isn’t cheap, and with fuel costs continuing to rise, fuel economy is increasingly important in maintaining a profitable business. An easy way to increase fuel economy is diligent tire-care. When tires at 30% under-inflation can cost you 5% in fuel efficiency, checking tire pressure daily becomes a cash-saving procedure!

And this doesn’t account for the increased longevity a tire can experience when it is kept properly inflated. Driving on under-inflated tires accelerates tread-wear and increases instances of tread separation and blowouts. Remember: with three to six thousand dollars invested in a commercial vehicle’s tires on average, your tires are a company asset and should be treated as such.

Your drivers are key in making sure that tires are always properly inflated. Have them check their tire pressure with a gauge before every trip. Also, irregular wear can be a sign of under-inflation and should be reported by your drivers.
Originally posted by Peterson Trucks 4/2012