GreenTraks Energy Management Software

Western States Oil is more than just a petroleum distributor; we provide ways for clients to lower their carbon footprint and in turn lower their overall energy costs. Western States Oil is commited to save you on energy costs in a variety of ways.

WSO has partnered with GreenTraks to be able to offer Energy Management Software. Everyday more and more legislation is passed requiring government entities, school districts, and commercial buildings are being required to report their carbon footprint to reduce demand on the power grid and reduce carbon emissions.  Reporting on such organizations is becoming a requirement not just good business practice.

Thats where we come in.The Energy Management Software that we offer:

  • Provides energy usage tracking
  • Fleet Monitoring
  • Property Portfolio Benchmarking
  • Carbon Footprint Reporting

Our software compiles all the data for you so you do not need to spend the time and labor on data entry. We also provide you with an array of dynamic reports showing you where areas of inefficiencies are so that they can be addressed immediately before they become an issue. And the best thing is We Do All The Work for you. We input all of your energy usage quickly and affordably so you have the power and the time to take action.