Beware of Skimming Machines

Skimming and other fraudulent activity unfortunately is part of the world we live in. We use all types of cards everyday for business, entertainment, groceries, almost everything.
It is very important to be aware of the practice called “skimming”. This is when a device is placed on top of a card reader at an ATM, cardlock or other card accepting location. The device gathers data embedded in the magnetic strip and the information is then applied to another card. Once that is done the theives can use your card information as their own.
It is important for consumers to monitor their account activity regularly. Many times thieves will make very small purchases with the stolen information to see if it has been detected. If it is not, then they begin making larger and larger information with the stolen card information.
With regard to cardlock purchases it is important to note that until the card issuer is notified that a card has been stolen, the company the card has been issued to is liable for all the charges. So monitoring invoices & statements is regularly is very important.
There are some signs of when a skimming device may be installed on a card reading device. Please take a look at this powerpoint to find telltale signs that a skimming device is present.
Western States Oil can also assist our customers by adding additional levels of security to our cardholder accounts i.e. time of day & day of week restrictions, gallon or dollar limits, product restrictions at cardlocks, and even exception reporting.
If you would like to make greater use of the security controls on your cardlock account please call our office at 408-292-1041.

Western States Oil Partners with GreenTraks Energy Management Software

Western States Oil is proud to announce that we have parnered with GreenTraks to be able to offer state of the art Energy Management Software. With this service we are able to compile all the data of a company’s energy usage (gas, electric, sewer & water and fuel) saving hours of entry. We also provide companies with a dashboard of their usage so that they can evaluate their usage and target areas which can be improved upon to lower their carbon foot print and save money on their energy expense.
Legislation and social pressure are begining to become a risk for organizations. Don’t get caught by surprise. Let Western States help your organization get ahead of the curve before legislation gets you caught over a barrel.

GreenTraks Energy Management Software Click for Video

Western States Oil Featured by Phillips 66

Recently Western States Oil was selected at “Marketer of the Month” by Phillips 66. We at WSO work very hard to meet and exceed our customer’s needs by offering quality products at competitive prices. So we appreciate being recognized for our efforts.

Read the article here

Western States Oil Commited to the Community

Western States Oil is a proud sponsor of the First Annual Casino Nite put on by All Reasons Moving & Shirley’s Shuffler’s benefiting Relay for Life. The even takes place Saturday May 11th at 7pm at Michael’s Restaurant at Shoreline in Mountain View.

To find out more about participating or sponsoring click this link .


Increasing Fleet Profitablility with a Tire Gage

Every fleet manager knows that diesel isn’t cheap, and with fuel costs continuing to rise, fuel economy is increasingly important in maintaining a profitable business. An easy way to increase fuel economy is diligent tire-care. When tires at 30% under-inflation can cost you 5% in fuel efficiency, checking tire pressure daily becomes a cash-saving procedure!

And this doesn’t account for the increased longevity a tire can experience when it is kept properly inflated. Driving on under-inflated tires accelerates tread-wear and increases instances of tread separation and blowouts. Remember: with three to six thousand dollars invested in a commercial vehicle’s tires on average, your tires are a company asset and should be treated as such.

Your drivers are key in making sure that tires are always properly inflated. Have them check their tire pressure with a gauge before every trip. Also, irregular wear can be a sign of under-inflation and should be reported by your drivers.
Originally posted by Peterson Trucks 4/2012