Ultra Pure, Less Polluting, ASTM D975 Renewable Diesel

Western States Oil Company is proud to announce that it has been awarded territorial rights to distribute NesteMy Renewable produced by Neste in the Greater San Francisco Bay area. Since 2015 most Bay Area public fleets and municipalities have converted to renewable diesel and have seen the superior benefits this extremely clean product means for their fleet. Among the benefits are:

  • Renewable Diesel (RD) is a pure hydrocarbon Motor Fuel Certified ULSD (Carb) Diesel Fuel #2, meeting ASTM D975 specification.
  • With a Cetane Number of between 75-85 compared to conventional diesel at 45, RD ensures a cleaner, more efficient and complete combustion.
  • With a CI (Carbon Intensity) of 34 RD reduces Greenhouse Gas Emissions up to 80%, in addition to substantial reductions is tailpipe in NOx and tailpipe emissions.
  • Lower Maintenance of DPF Filters producing 30% less particulate matter. RD reduces regen time, downtime and operating costs.
  • RD is Odorless, Colorless and Sulpher free. RD is also oxygen free and aromatic free….it looks water white and clear.
  • Superior Cold Weather Performance; suitable for very cold weather conditions with no need for additives.
  • Converting to NesteMy Renewable Diesel is an easy switch requiring no additional investments and is fully compatable with conventional diesel. Fleets can switch to RD at any time.
  • RD is endorsed and approved by all major OEM’s (Caterpillar, Cummins,Mack).